Wiley Elementary Band

Meet Your Band Director, Christina Thompson!

Christina is an active professional musician who lives in Raleigh. She has been playing trombone since 1992, and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from East Carolina University and a Master of Music degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Christina's musical background is unique--she is a classically trained musician who spent many years playing trombone in punk bands!

Wiley Band Director Christina Thompson
Band Director Christina Thompson plays a solo

As a young musician, Christina performed throughout Europe and the United States, and became fascinated with understanding the subtle differences and similarities among musical styles and cultures. Throughout her career, Christina has sought to expand her musical horizons further by performing with ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to salsa bands to trombone choirs. Christina is excited about sharing both her real-world experience and her spirit of musical exploration with the students at Wiley.

One of the foundations of Christina's career is her deep commitment to music education. During the past decade, Christina has taught thousands of people the joy of making music, while on tour, in public schools, and in private lessons. Christina's teaching approach is centered on building good habits and having fun! Students learn to use critical thinking and good practice skills to overcome problems in their playing, and develop ways to better understand both their instruments and themselves. In the Wiley Band, Christina's top priority is to create a culture of encouragement that empowers students to grow both as musicians and as people.

Band Director Christina Thompson teaches a class

Ms. Thompson's Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that music is a powerful medium that can help students discover their unique capabilities, build positive relationships with their peers, and foster meaningful connections with the larger community. As director, my job isn't just waving the baton--it's conducting myself and our band in a way that brings the benefits of music into the lives of our bandmembers and community neighbors.

As Wiley's Band Director, I am committed to:

  • Providing a safe place for students to grow musically
  • Helping students develop a feeling of musical competency
  • Guiding students toward creating their signature musical sound and style
  • Fostering students' love of music and an appreciation for fellow musicians
  • Helping students begin to establish their place in the global community of musicians
  • Giving back to the community through music
  • Fostering meaningful partnerships among students, teachers, families, and community members

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