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What is Continuing Band?

Continuing Band is an ensemble designed especially for 4th and 5th graders who have completed the Beginning Band program at Wiley, or for 3rd-5th graders who have previous musical experience equivalent to one year in band. In Continuing Band, students have opportunities to strengthen their playing technique, expand their previous musical understanding, and explore new styles and more challenging music. Ms. Thompson guides continuing students toward building both technical ability and musical creativity, and encourages students to begin developing their unique "signature" sound and style.

Why should I join Continuing Band?

If you enjoyed Beginning Band and want to explore music further, Continuing Band is the place to be. In Continuing Band, we start learning more advanced musical concepts that many people don't understand--complex rhythms, different styles, exciting musical textures, and more! You'll work on developing "good ears" that can detect tiny differences among rhythms, harmonies, and pitches--and use your ears to create a beautiful musical blend with your bandmates. Wind and brass players, get ready for exciting sixteenth note rhythms and cool new notes. And for percussionists...even more instruments!

Continuing Band "Perks"

As their level of musical expertise grows, seasoned band students become capable of experiencing and making music differently than they did as beginners. As such, the Wiley Band offers several exciting opportunities designed specifically for Continuing Band members, including recitals, "gigs" in the community, sectionals with local professional musicians, and an empowering section leader program. These Continuing Band-only programs are designed to give our older students meaningful experience with responsibility, to help them become more confident as individual musicians, and to make band an even more exciting experience!

A Dozen Things You'll Learn in Continuing Band

  1. How to build a beautiful, solid tone on your instrument
  2. How to count and perform sixteenth notes
  3. How to understand and play syncopated rhythms
  4. Bunches of major scales...and how to use them
  5. How to play homophonic and polyphonic music and not get lost
  6. For percussionists - Lots of instruments at the same time
  7. For brass - ALL the fingerings/slide positions on your horn
  8. For woodwinds - High notes and chromatics
  9. How to give your playing personality with articulations and dynamics
  10. New techniques to develop your signature style and sound
  11. How to use your ears to tune and balance your sound like a pro
  12. How to play faster, louder, and higher than you could last year!

When does Continuing Band rehearse?

Continuing Band rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-8:45am in the Wiley Gym.

How do I join Continuing Band?

To join Continuing Band, your child must have either taken Beginning Band at Wiley, or have 1 year of private lesson experience on a band instrument. If your child has been taking lessons and is interested in joining Continuing Band, please e-mail Ms. Thompson to set up an audition.