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Wiley Virtual Band Camp

An online musical learning experience especially for Wiley Beginning Band Students

Virtual Band Camp is offered each year for Wiley Beginning Band students. VBC is designed to give students the information and support they need to feel comfortable with their instruments before regular rehearsals begin.
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Why do we have Virtual Band Camp?

The beginning of a child's musical career is a busy time. There's an instrument to figure out, fingerings to learn, and new musical concepts to practice. Skills like instrument assembly, embouchure (mouth placement), and fingering are a necessary foundation for a child's success in Beginning Band. Virtual Band Camp provides beginners with step-by-step instruction and practice activities to help them grasp these crucial skills.

What will students learn at Virtual Band Camp?

How Does Virtual Band Camp Work?

Virtual Band Camp consists of two parts: instructional videos and Skill Sheets. In each video, Ms. Thompson teaches a specific band-related skill. Then, the Skill Sheet provides several exercises to help your child master that skill, plus a practice chart where your child can keep track of his/her progress. By watching each video several times, and working on the Skill Sheet exercises until they become easier, your child will gradually learn the basics of his/her instrument.

Do I have to do Virtual Band Camp?

Yes! All Wiley Beginning Band students are required to participate in Virtual Band Camp. The skills taught at VBC are vital for students' success in band.

What's the schedule for Virtual Band Camp?

Virtual Band Camp will be made live on August 13th, and your child is welcome to watch the videos and complete the Skill sheets at his/her own pace. The deadline for completing VBC is September 4th, the day of our first rehearsal. Students will not be permitted to play in class until their skill sheets are turned in.

A Sample Video and Skill Sheet

Clarinet video #4 - Assembling the Rest of Your Clarinet

Click here for Clarinet Skill Sheet #4!

Need more info about Band Camp?

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