Wiley Elementary Band

Welcome to Wiley Elementary Band Online!

Thank you for visiting the online home of the Wiley Elementary School Band in Raleigh, NC.

Fall Concert is next Thursday, November 16th!

Our fall concert for both bands will be at 7pm on November 16. Please plan to arrive by 6:40pm to warm up. Also, please make sure your children are practicing at least 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week!

Beginning Band Homework:

Please work on #36,37, and 39 on page 11 in your book. If you already feel comfortable with these, please feel free to go further into the book.

Continuing Band Homework:

Please work on mm.5-12 and 21-28 in Montego Bay on page 21 in your book. Also, please work on your next band karate belt.
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